Yemen:  Sanaa

Sanaa Man
A Sanaa local, wearing a jambia dagger in his belt, sits on the wall of one of the many bridges spanning the Sail'ah ditch, a paved road during dry times and a raging river in the wet seasons.


Sanaa old town
A typical building in the uniform and unique architectural style of the breathtaking old town of San'a.


Sanaa window

An exquisite woodworked window in old town Sanaa.


Sanaa building facades

Sanaa style trim on building facades in the old town.



Sanaa women

Yemeni women about to cross the Sail'ah .


Kalil, Manakha

The abandoned village of Kahil, overlooking the mountain retreat of Manakha, located 2 hours drive west of Sanaa.

al-Khutayb Ismaili mosque

The hilltop mosque of al-Khutayb, a holy site for Ismaili sectarians, many of whom make their pilgrimage from India to this village near Manakha.


Dar al-Hajar, Wadi Dhahr
The Dar al-Hajar rock palace in the Wadi Dhahr, in the northern outskirts of Sanaa, is the defining emblem of Yemen and of the Shamla brand of bottled water.


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