Agadez alley
A man strolls through an alley toward the Grand Mosque of Agadez, my favourite out of all of the legendary Sahara gateway cities.

Agadez overview
Looking out over a section of the Agadez old town.

Agadez chat
What are these Agadez locals speaking about?  Perhaps the visit of Muammar al-Qaddafi and his entourage.  I didn't get to meet Muammar but I did pick up one of the plentify Qaddafi posters plastered around town and snagged a free Muammar T-shirt from the Libyan consulate in Agadez. He came to Agadez, his mother's home town, to boycott the Arab league meeting going on at the same time.  African unity is his theme now of the 21st century.  He also made one of his usual outrageous media-baiting statements.  This time he claimed that Jesus Christ wasn't the one cruficied -- it was some guy that looked like Jesus.

Baleyara market
Baleyara, site of the best livestock market that I saw in West Africa.

Long horned bull
I have to include a picture of the famous long horned bulls from West Africa, also in Baleyara.

Niger river Niamey
The Niger River as it passes through Niamey, the capital of Niger, and a fairly airy and surprisingly pleasant city.  If you can handle the 45ºC heat in April.  The Niger river is the lifeblood of the deep deserted interior of West Africa, finding its source in the mountains of  Guinea-Conakry, arcing it's way around Mali and Niger, just skirting the periphery of the Sahara, and then snaking back down to Nigeria where it finds its outlet in the Gulf of Guinea.